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Fion Teo

Year of service: since 1996

My duty is to understand clients’ needs and present clients with the most relevant information and suitable options so that clients can make the best decision. As a good insurance agent can explain complicated product information to you in the simplest manner. You can always ask me about the rationale behind the recommended plan and coverage. This is important in giving you a complete picture and assisting you to choose the plan that not only delivers the most value for your money but also covers your most relevant risks.

At last, I also go through years of hard work to equip themselves with in-depth industry and sound product knowledge. I also possess financial management expertise to ensure that the plan they recommend fits into your overall financial situation

  • AIA Group Life Saving Award- Safe A Life Bronze
  • East Coast Champion

Kwek Choong Lai

Year of service: since 1995

Today the insurance industry has enabled me to change my dream which my previous job cannot even afford me. Now, I manage to improve my own life from average to extra.

I have 25 years of experience in this insurance industry fields, I make a career out of assessing their customers’ insurance needs and matching them with the insurance carrier best equipped to meet those needs at a price the customer can afford and helping customer make a smart decision. Besides that, I simplify the buying process, provide expert advice, and I help you minimize your risk.

  • 2019 Anniversary Award
  • 25th year Service Anniversary Award

Tan Sai Joo

Year of service: since 1997

Even if I have a job that pays well and offers flexible hours, there is still a chance that I might get bored. The insurance industry, on the other hand, is always changing! With new laws being put into place involving health care, regulations are changing all the time. Customers want different things, depending on the state of the economy. And technological advances, like self-driving cars, look primed to create entirely new insurance markets. I want the kind of career where there is always something new to learn and new opportunities to grab, so I think insurance agent is be the job. I just wanted more human interaction and travel. I also need a job that is based on deliverable - rather than competing to see who is the last to leave the office. This culture needs to change.

  • 2003 -24th summit club Athens Greece
  • 2014 Million Dollard Qualify member (MDRT)
  • 2015 Million Dollard Qualify member (MDRT)
  • 2015 Safari Adventure South Afirca Big 5
  • 2016 Anniversary Award
  • 2016 Million Dollard Round Table (MDRT)
  • 2016 Million Dollard Qualify member (MDRT)

Fadhil Azahar

Year of service: Since 2020

I am dedicated person and passion on deliver the knowledge or idea about the insurance and financial planning. With the knowledge that I have, I can serve my client at the best. I will be working with you face-to-face, becomes your personal adviser, taking the time to listen to you and understand your individual needs. I know it’s not just about finding a price you can afford; it’s also about making certain you are appropriately covered so that you don’t end up insurance-poor if you do suffer a loss.

There is 4 Things you should have when you want to Maximize the Saving
1) Choose the Right Fund
2) Choose the Right Company, which is AIA insurance
3) Choose the Right Performance
4) Choose the Right Consultant, which is ME- Ahmad Fadhil Azahar

Jasny Farahliza

Year of service: since 2020

As an independent insurance agent, I will be my own boss. I will make my own hours, choose which products to offer, and decide how I want to market your services. Before that, I was overwhelmed at work, and felt like I had no time to focus on my personal and family life. After I join AIA insurance industry, I started getting my balance back, I became more productive, happier, and less overwhelmed in all aspects of my life.

One of the reasons why I love working as an insurance agent is because of the flexible hours. I have a flexible time and have ability to control my own schedule. So long as I have mine mobile device with me, I can pretty much make my own schedule.

  • East Coast Topper New Life Planners-Second Runner-up June 2021


Year of service: Since 2020



Year of service: Since 2021

I am a person with target who is dedicated to reach my target. A person with vision. My work is flexible and the career that i want to achieve, I'm building it from now.

  • Summiting RM3, 000 in the first week.
Highest Education:
  • Diploma in Investment Analysis, UiTM Terengganu
  • Degree in Finance, UiTM Terengganu


Year of service: Since 2021

One of main goals as a recent graduate is to get a respectable job with a good reputation. My long-term goal is to gain a wide range of experiences in the desired industry. As a dedicated individual with a successful background, I choose to learn new skills and expand my knowledge while working in a professional environment that values employee development and exemplary work ethics. Happily, I was given the opportunity to work with AIA, which is a strong company in Malaysia and even on a global basis. Because AIA has the financial strength, experience, service centre network, and a well-trained team of more than 2,600 employees, I feel that working with AIA will provide a wealth of helpful experiences and knowledge. I am willing to learn new things and be devoted at this young age, as well as to improve and build my self-esteem in the field of career development.

Highest Academic Level & Institute
  • Bachelor Of Accountancy (HONS) From DRB-Hicom University Of Automotive Malaysia