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Easy Cover PA


  • Affordable personal accident insurance
  • Instant approval

Coverage Period

Up to 75 years old

Entry Age

18 - 70 years old

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment RM 200,000 RM 100,000
Monthly Living Benefit (per month for maximum 180 months) RM 2,000 RM 1,000
Medical Reimbursement Benefit RM 5,000 RM 3,000
Accident Hospital Income Benefit (per day up to 730 days) RM 300 RM 100
Compassionate Allowance RM 5,000 RM 5,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment This benefit is payable in the event of death or permanent dismemberment due to an accident.
Monthly Living Benefit (per month for maximum 180 months) This benefit pays monthly allowance up to a maximum of 180 months if you suffer from any of the following disability due to an accident:
  • permanent total disability;
  • permanent total loss of sight of both eyes;
  • permanent total loss of sight of one eye;
  • permanent total loss of speech and hearing;
  • loss of or the permanent total loss of use of two limbs;
  • loss of or the permanent total loss of use of one limb;
  • permanent and incurable insanity; or
  • permanent total paralysis.
Medical Reimbursement Benefit This benefit reimburses your medical and surgical expenses incurred due to an accident, such as inpatient and outpatient treatment within 52 weeks from the date of accident.
Accident Hospital Income Benefit (per day up to 730 days) This benefit pays daily allowance if you are admitted to a hospital for a minimum of 6 consecutive hours due to an accident, up to 730 days.
Compassionate Allowance This benefit is payable in the event of accidental death.


This plan offers protection against additional risks. All benefits of the plan are extended to cover for the accident due to the following circumstances.

Car accident


Gas Inhalation

Harmful insect or snake bites

Hobbies on any sports or games



Unprovoked murder & assault

Strikes, riots & civil commotion(non-participant)

Terrorism & skyjacking

Natural Disaster

Radioactive emission

Food poisoning
(only for medical reimbursement)



Diseases or sickness

Pre-existing condition

Professional sports

Serving in any armed forces

Mental disorder



Pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage


Notes: All circumstances above are subjected to the exclusions, term and conditions of the policy. Please refer to the policy contract for further details.

Download and submit the completed claim form with supporting documents to AIA branch within 30 days from the date of incident

Claim is processed upon receiving completed documents

Receive claim payment after approval


Easy Cover PA is a personal accident insurance plan to provide compensation for the covered person in the event of injury, disabiltiy or death caused solely by accidental means.

This plan can be purchased by customers with a PIAM Life Planner. You will need to input an agent code in the form to purchase.

  1. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
  2. Monthly Living Benefit
  3. Medical Reimbursement Benefit
  4. Accident Hospital Income Benefit
  5. Compassionate Allowance

The coverage term is one year. The coverage will start from the date of successful payment and when you have received your e-policy. Subsequently, you may renew your policy on a yearly basis.

You may buy more than one Easy Cover PA plan but the total aggregated coverage of all policies purchased cannot exceed RM500,000.

You can only downgrade your plan upon the next renewal and you are not allowed to upgrade your plan.

You may use your credit card or debit card to make the payment.

You can change your premium payment method or payment mode at any of our AIA branches.

Yes, you may cancel your policy by giving written notice to AIA General Berhad. Upon cancellation, you will be entitled to a refund of premium based on the Short Rate Cancellation Table. Please refer to the policy contract for the Short Rate Cancellation Table.

It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details or life profile including your occupation and personal pursuits which would affect the risk profile.

  1. Pre-existing conditions;
  2. Bacterial infections;
  3. Any kind of disease or sickness or congenital defects;
  4. Medical or surgical treatment (except those necessitated by injuries covered by this plan);
  5. Suicide or intentional self-injury;
  6. Childbirth, pregnancy or miscarriage;
  7. Professional sports;
  8. AIDS;
  9. Mental or nervous disorders; use of drugs/narcotics of any kind; and/or Racing of any kind.
Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to your policy contract for the full list of exclusions.

It can be anyone but the nominee has to be a person. You cannot put an organisation as a nominee.

Nomination is not compulsory. However, we would suggest you to make a nomination to speed up the claims payment to your nominees.

You can make a nomination by filling up the nomination form after you have purchased the policy and submit the completed nomination form to us to any of our AIA branches. You may download a copy of the Nomination, Appointment and Revocation Form here.


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