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How The Movies Affect Your Health?
We see movies as entertainment, but they're also more than that. Different types of movie genres could also play an effect on your health.

Whether you're at home watching a rom-com or in the theatres for an action blockbuster, movies are a prime from of entertainment. Did you know genres can affect your health in different ways too? Here's how.


Good or bad, the one thing all comedies have in common is that they make you laugh—some harder than others.

Apart from relieving anxiety and reducing aggression, they also release endorphins, which can help improve your overall mood. Comedies can also help boost your immunity and reduce stress via the release of neuropeptides. Looks like it’s true after all: laughter is indeed the best medicine.


In the mood for love? A good romance flick affects your body just as much as your emotions.

When a film reflects your own experiences, it can help you process what you’re feeling, almost like a form of cinematic therapy. Feel-good moments can trigger a release of oxytocin or “happy hormones” through your body, boosting your overall mood. On the other hand, sad moments may help you release stress through tears. Yes, it’s alright to cry during movies!


Not all stress is bad stress; a good jump scare may be more beneficial to you than you thought.

When your fight-or-flight system is activated in a safe setting, your body releases adrenaline that helps you instantly focus on your surroundings. Jump scares also result in a cathartic or emotional release of stress (Once the scare is over, of course).


Fast cars and superheroes do more than just keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Action movies can induce short term stress but it’s not as bad as it sounds, we promise. A burst of adrenaline releases antioxidants, which help with anti-ageing and stress relief. The bold imagery of action movies can also spark your creativity as your imagination is “transported” around the world.


Overall, movies entertain and offer your mind an escape. They also affect your health in more ways than you know.

We can agree that movies are now more than just a simple form of art. Think of them as an unconventional way to live a healthier, longer and better life.

02 Jun 2022